Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ojo’s Caliente Vanessa Lobo and Martha Gonzales photo shoot idea

I was thinking of a new collaboration for Martha that would make an extremely interesting photo shoot. I was going for a Latin combo and after much research and study I think I found a model that would really be stunning in a photo shoot pictorial with Martha. Her name is Vanessa Lobo! She has a college degree, can speak Spanish, Portuguese, and English and helps in the Hispanic community. She is pretty amazing!

Vanessa Lobo, who is Brazilian and would make a very sexy compliment to Martha.. This would be the most scorching hot pictorial. I could see the photographer having to take several days of shooting to find his perfect photo and having a helluva time deciding on the one. Just incredible! This photo shoot could cause heart attacks!

As you can see, she is very beautiful and exotic looking. She is Brazilian, and quite stunning at that. She is also a professional Samba Dancer and a star in The World Bikini Football League.

or see video clip here. She is based in Renton, Washington which is not that far from Portland.

As for venue for the photo shoot I have several suggestions. If you take the whole latin/samba dancing thing into consideration this restaurant offers both in the Pearl every 2nd Friday.

This club offers latin dancing but it seems more techno/modern.

Here are a couple of incredible properties for sale in Lake Oswego where an interesting photo shoot could be done

It appears that both Martha and Vanessa snowboard so maybe a pictorial at historic Timberline Lodge.

Suggested photographer is Martha's boyfriend, Richard Sigmon. Vanessa is married as well.

This would be an amazing collaboration if it were to happen!

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